Sweet drops of revival fall down on our love, loving tenderly in the night, our love awakens. We awake to mornings, moistened in dew drops. Each new morning, we hear nature's love song, with birds singing melodies, our bodies sway, swaying in rhythm with the season's arousal. Soft as petals on open blooms, your silky touch, touching not only my body, my soul it's seeking, like passion seeks deeper for the nectar within. Encompassed by love, fragrant as Heaven's breath, breathing deeply the scent of love's restoration, restoring our senses like a blossom's sweet scent. Our love's been given new wings to flutter free, freely, we'll fly in the Springtime of our love. ©TinasHeart March 27, 2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

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You'll Never Know
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