My sister and I have shared our lives
Growing up in the same family
We had gone our own way; then came back again
To become the best that friends can be.

She's the very best sister I could ever request
She is definitely the cream of the crop
She's always been there when I needed her most
And I know that her love never stops.

When we get together we can laugh and play
Always managing to have lots of fun
And our late night talks can last for hours
Sometimes until the rise of the morning sun. 

She lets me talk while I tell her my woes
She listens while judging me not
And then the roles are reversed 
As we begin to brew our third coffeepot!

It seems our problems are easily solved
As we talk throughout the night
A listening ear and a warming heart
Can make everything else seem good and right.

Our views about life are on the same track
As we've experienced much of the same
Our lives often run a parallel course
From choice of clothes to side-by-side seats on the plane.

We are our mother's daughters when we are good
Whether we're serious or flaky or smart
But when we've been bad or misunderstood
We become Jim's sisters right from the start!

Together we started a new phase of life
As StinaLisa and Ziplo on the net
We get the chance to express our thoughts
And to share in the blessings
through all the friends we have met.

Well, it's been many years since our days of youth
We have taken our storms all in stride
And even though we've lived miles apart 
We have always traveled our roads . . .
side by side.

~ StinaLisa ~
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

This is dedicated to my sister . . . the best in the world.
I love you, Sis!

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