A tribute to my sister,
Nancy Thomas Kittrell
You came into our lives, we were eager for a sister Four boys, rough and tumble was our style of play We knew we would have to gentle down a lot When you, little sister, were born that wonderful day I carried you around in my arms, so proud was I And rocked you to sleep in Mother's old rocking chair You were the pride and joy of our whole family A cute little girl with your pretty blonde hair Telling everyone your big brother was a soldier You looked up to me, this I heard from Mother Those words sure did make my chest swell with pride I knew I would always be proud to be your big brother Later when I married and became a father And twins were born, an aunt you became They loved their Aunt Nancy with all their hearts And the daughters who followed did the same You married a very fine man, your own family began Years have come and gone so swiftly it seems There have been joys, sorrows, and trials for sure Things did not always happen as seen in your dreams Now, little sister, we are getting along in years One brother has gone on to be with God above I still take pride in you, little sister, I want you to know So this poem is to assure you of my brotherly love ©Thomas E. Kittrell October 3, 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail







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