Portals of Heaven ~ Portals of Grace! Portals, beyond which I'll see His face! Portals ~ the doorway, to Life evermore ~ Portals, the entry, to Eternity's shore! I see the Pearly gates in my mind ~ I won't even think of What I've left behind; Jesus will be there ~ arms open wide ~ Gathering jewels to the other side. I see the angels, I see their eyes, Watching intently For Jesus' great prize, The life that He laid down, paid for all sin; Gladly rejoicing as I enter in. Oh, All the loved ones, Gone on before ~ See how they run to His open door! Oh, what rejoicing, singing His name ~ Land of the Sonlight ~ always the same! Never a dull day, never a tear! Never a lonely Soul will be there! No wreath of sorrow will hang on a door Jesus, our Savior, safe on His shore! While I am waiting ~ down here below ~ I'll let my heart's cup With Love overflow! I'll dream the dream that ~ He died to share, Holding my breath and watching the air! Soon through the Eastern ~ sky He will break ~ Just like He promised, Loved one to take! Unfolding the pages of Life throughout time ~ Precious Redeemer ~ I call Him mine! Basking in Sonlight ~ all of our days ~ How could we ever Sing worthy praise? All that He asks is ~ love Him so true ~ Love comes so easy, now how about you? Will you let Jesus, pardon today, All of the sin load You've packed away? His blood is still flowing ~ so strong and so pure ~ Oh, come to Jesus, and Heaven is sure! Portals of glory! Mercy and grace! I'll see my Redeemer - then face to face! There on the hillsides, by the clear crystal sea Mansions are waiting - and there's one for me! ©Joan Clifton Costner 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Mail

The King Is Coming
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