Grandma had a china closet.
There within the shelf
Lay some treasures she'd collected
Happiness to help

On a gloomy winter day
Out would come the tea set;
Black and shiny tea pot;
Tiny cups not full yet.

She would make a special fuss -
Bring out real sweet cream;
Pour the hot tea in our cups -
Make the gloomy bright it seemed.

Tricks with string upon our fingers -
Humming buttons too;
Soap and spool would make a bubble
With a rainbow just for you!

Folds of paper - snipping scissors,
For delighted little fans;
Such a cunning little trick
Revealing children holding hands!

How we passed the time in those days,
No arcade or movie wall
Making do with simple treasures
Blessing us as we recall.

©Joan Clifton Costner
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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