Sitting on a rail fence, Happy and carefree, Children passing time, Contented as can be. Wagon coming down the lane, The delivery of fresh milk, Cakes to make, rich and tasty, Homemade ice-cream smooth as silk. The old cow has dried up, Calf doesn't produce as yet, Mama called the milk wagon, Delivery time's been set. Things were so different then, Life it seemed so good, People helping others, Doing anything they could. Houses weren't so fancy, Fireplaces were used for heat, Vegetables came from our garden, Daddy raised all of our meat. Children played simple games, No Nintendos nor Ipods, We played tag, and marbles, Seldom were we at odds. We respected our parents, Performed our daily chores, If a neighbor was in need, We gladly shared our stores. I love to look back into the time, When neighbor loved neighbor, Unlike the selfish world of today, Where our blessings we fail to savor. A glimpse into the past, Filled with simple pleasures, Evokes sweet memories, Of a life I dearly treasure. Gayle Davisİ August 6, 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author E-mail Website

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"Do You Remember These"
Recorded by The Statler Brothers
Written by: D. Reid - H. Reid - L. Lee
Sequencer Unknown to Me