I was over the hill at forty But my goodness I had fun I shopped and I partied That hill was a lot of fun. I kept getting older Didn't slow down one bit If I didn't eat out every night I threw a little fit. Finally I think it caught up with me I don't run fast enough No longer shop and party Too tired for all that stuff. When I speak about over the hill I know it had to come I don't regret the climb one bit I had a lot of fun. Enjoy your life no matter your age You are only as old as you feel If your bones won't let you party Just grab that fishing reel. We can't stay young forever Aches and pains will come to all But one thing I can say for sure I really had a ball. The Old Gray Mare Ain't What She Use To Be! ©Ginny Bryant Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

Are You Teasin' Me?
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield