Spinning its web attached in mid air and reaching it's way to the deck. Connecting itself to first post the next solid thing it can attach. A large specimen with yellow spots dotted up and down it's back Weaving a tapestry of intricate detail waiting for it's next catch. Across the way in the maple tree that's just beginning to bud, Perched on a limb dressed in crimson red Sat the most beautiful cardinal bird Waiting patiently for his mate Spying the most perfect location Where they could make their bed. Tiny buds popping up their heads, through the seasons cool earth. Awakening from their winter beds Restoring themselves for rebirth. Soon they will waving in the breeze, Opening their faces with such ease. Spring fever or so it's called Is trying to rear it's head. But the winter in reluctance, Wants to hold back instead. All of nature is becoming aware The first indications of her arrival What a masterpiece in the making Approaching on the horizon. But, alas, the day is finally here, When everything about is buzzing Daffodils and lilies and winter pansies All join together to welcome Spring back And say goodbye to it's cousin. So they will cherish it's warm breezes Until they know, it will again be freezing. Spring is truly a miracle in deed, The cold and ice of winter are in the past New life is abounding with each planted seed, And the butterflies emerge their caccoons at last To help to produce and pollinate the plants Because it won't be that long And they will begin to die away fast. So the chain of life goes on to repeat All of nature in their cyles of life. Every year, I always await the warm treat Of Springtime in the air that's such a delight The creations of plants that recreate each year And the insects that help keep balance in life Just a few miracles created to give cheer. ©Shirley Barr March 6, 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website E-Mail

Psalms 1:3 ~ And He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth His fruit in His season; His leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever He doeth shall prosper.




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Arlene's Heavenly Christian Midis

Photo by "WizData" at BIG Stock