It is so nice to go out at midnight,
Walking in the cool grassy dew,
Have you ever looked closely at the moon light,
Or, the stars shining, as an awesome hue?


As white clouds sail over and the night is cool,
Many blessings our God gave our eyes to see.
We look to the moonlight as the hue of a pool,
Seeing stars as forever the hue that will be.


We can look up and talk with our Savior,
His blessings we thank Him readily now.
For when we talk with Jesus, we are in His favor,
Knowing He is watching. He hears our words somehow.


When the fog abounds, the hue is brighter,
As though, it could see the sky up above.
We listen to the night owl; voice tonight; lighter.
However, we know he is whispering to his true love.


I would like to go out again one night, just to see,
How wet the evening dew, how mild the hue.
If any place on earth, I like so much to be
Out in the bright moon light Lord, just along with you.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker
August 19, 2007
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author



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