Each time I look into your eyes, And see the light that's there, No need for words spoken aloud, To know how much you care. Your patience and understanding, If I take you to task, Are meant to calm and pacify, Until my mood is past. I still thrill to, and always will, The memories we have made, The years we worked to smooth life's path, So that it seems now paved. I remember warmest summer nights, Beneath a starry sky, When passion filled our every thought, And sleep would pass us by. Those were our magic moments, For filling mind's scrapbook, Full of tender words we spoke, Enhanced by loving look. You're just as handsome now to me, With dimple in your chin, As you were, the very first time, I saw your friendly grin. You've always said all the right things, That I have much admired... And wondered if those were a gift from God, Or something you acquired? The sparkle that once lit your eyes, Still shows up now and then, I watch for it each night and day, And welcome it again. We built our magic moments, That no one can tear apart, With just the words, "I love you", Filled with magic from our heart. ©Loree (Mason) O'Neil 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website

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