Sometimes a friend might let you down And bring across your face a frown, Or treat you like you were a clown; In that case, let it go. When traffic lights have all turned red And when the things some driver said, Makes throbbing aches within your head; In that case, let it go. You see the things we hold inside, Those things we sometimes try to hide, They fester till our brains are fried; We should just, let it go. I know I've held a grudge or two The same is likely true with you, But there is something we should do; We should just, let it go. So join me when life seems unfair, Let's think good thoughts and not despair We'll show how much we really care; When we've just, let it go. I Pray that's what the Lord will do When I've transgressed a law or two After repentance is all through The Lord will, let it go ©James O'Brien June 2002 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail
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Written & Performed
by Margi Harrell
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