Your letter that I've carried For years now it has been... Fell out onto the floor, And those memories stirred within. "What is that" someone asked me, As they saw the teardrops flow I stood there trying to answer, "It's just someone I used to know." I was your world...You were mine Our love was like a song Each day a new beginning For a love that was so strong. Your letter I still carry With me everywhere I go, The tears are just reminders Of someone I used to know. Life goes on, or so I'm told And memories someday fade, But your letter I shall always keep, Even though it's dulled and gray. Nothing will dull my memories though, Of strong and true, No longer here beside me, I must start my life anew. I'll tuck your letter back inside, Try not to let tears show, For the memories that they carry Are for someone I used to know. ©Ruth Ann Mahaffey Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail




Just Someone I Used To Know
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson's Country Midi Guitar