A fairytale kingdom to me An enchanting realm to see, Grandma was the beautiful queen And grandpa ruled the land serene. In memory I daydream still Of that castle amid the hills, In a valley nestled in a nook Sat their farm near a brook. As a child I spent happy times In this land of nursery rhymes Enchanted days I would explore At night magical dreams soared. Sights and sounds of their farm, Those hours I played in the barn, Cherished memories I hold so dear Remains in my mind so clear. Memories of grandpa mowing hay, Baby farm animals at play, Horseback riding atop the old bay, Resting on the porch at end of day. I can still taste grandma's fresh bread, Smells of her kitchen fill my head, Each meal was a masterpiece divine, A feast of heavenly design. So many good times I can recall And cherished to me are they all, Youthful adventures of a small child With an imagination running wild. When I wish to escape harsh reality My mind drifts back to tranquility, To that magic kingdom in the distant hills Where fairytale dreams were fulfilled. There between God's earth and sky Where the rippling brook winds by There is a weathered old gray barn, All that's left of my grandparent's farm. ŠKenneth and Ardelle Ellison July 1, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website

"Green, Green Grass Of Home"
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