photo &copyLoree (Mason) O'Neil

There's an old wooden gate, What does it hide? What secrets lay lurking, On the far side? The honeysuckle vines, Cover fence hidden there, Exude perfumed scent, That floats on the air. I enter the gate, It's then that I see, Of two on the porch, One of them is me. The other my soul mate, Of many years, Weíve shared much of laughter, Dried each others tears. We sit there together, Speak of dreams we once had, Relive all the good times, Remember the bad. Itís then that he mentions, The old wooden gate, He wishes he could fix it, And make it stand straight. I smile and I touch him, Say, "Just leave it be. For that tired old gate, Is much like you and me." Time disappeared, And now itís too late, Our yesterdays gone, Shut outside that gate. ©Loree (Mason) O'Neil 2004 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website

Day By Day
Sequenced by Harry Todd
MIDI Picking by Harry Todd

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