When I was just a little girl No older than eight or nine I remembering going into church We were always right on time Handshakes and hugs were always in order And "How do you do's" were always said Then just as the old piano began to play Feelings of blessings began to spread A little old pastor gave out a page number All picked up their hymnal ..thumbing through They sang the old songs so soft and sweet Amazing Grace ..along with others too. One thing I loved in that old time church Was colored windows on each of the walls The sun beams shown through so colorful Rays of beauty all the way to the halls. The little old church no longer stands, Progress has taken its pace And now a much larger church is there But colored windows they did not replace. ©Kentucky_Lady4 May, 2003 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website


"Just A Little Talk With Jesus"
Sequenced by Randell Lawson
Jack's Midi Music