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Have you ever noticed as you drive across the this Country of ours, How the whole countryside is covered in the beauty of flowers? We look up to the Heavens and wonder how God could sow So many beautiful plants upon this earth and make them all grow. We see the stunning sunsets and fields blanketed, all in flowers, And though we drive thousands of miles, we see them by the hours. We behold the sunrise and thank God for another day of wonder, Clouds all streaked with gold, with maybe later rain and thunder. Look at a field of goldenrod and along the roadside Queen Anne's lace All the wonders so awesome it makes us dream of going from place to place, Like in the mountains with the snow caps, standing way up so high, Or looking through the trees in Autumn, with golden leaves up to the sky. Oh, and in the timber land orange and red peeks right through, to leave a place Inside the heart of loving wonder, for a sweet forgiving Lord, so full of Grace. As the sun shines through the clouds and we see peeks of red all aglow, As out on the road of sunshine and timbers we see golden fields and know. That Gods in his Heaven, all's right with the world, and as we pass the waterfalls And watch the fowls above searching for food, we know nature calls, To all the animal kingdom and somewhere the coyote in hunger howls, To find a soul mate to capture the big golden moon-light to go and prowl. But we should reflect more often on our Country, with the vastness of it all, Even to the sea shore wrapped in a mist, waves and ships. Too many to recall, And in Spring time cherry blossoms budding at our Capitol brings the tear, For there could surely be no place on earth to match the beauty of our Country here © Pearlie Duncan Walker Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Website Mail   Divider

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