Jesus is coming soon all wrapped in a white cloud. We shall all be rejoicing and praising Him aloud. Let us look for His joy tomorrow or the day after. He's coming in a cloud to bring us home to our Master. This old world is changing, most not for Godsí will However, let all His followers welcome Him still. I want to watch toward the Heavens; see a white cloud Knowing it is Jesus wrapped in His (gathering shroud). Come on tomorrow Lord Jesus; let us wait not long. However, let us gather together with praises and song. We praise Thee ever, for the music in our land. We have songs and hymnals that the Angels understand. Help us Father to comply with Thy, every Holy word. Guide and direct us Mighty One with Thy words we have heard. Keep us in Thy direction, each day and night We shall be confident and never anymore fright. Let Thine Angels come in our sleep and touch our soul. Let us go back to the principles of our fathers of old. Let Thy mighty word forever stay in our own heart. Let us hasten not to another and from Thee depart. ©Pearlie Duncan Walker Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Website Mail
   I'll Never Be Lonely Again
Sequenced by Wanda Fischer
Wanda's Music
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