I cant wait to meet you in Heaven someday And look upon your sweet face, And share together the stories there Of Gods glorious amazing grace. I may not have met you down here in person But one thing I must let you know, You have touched my heart is many ways. And I really do love you so. I have had so many trials down here I never would have made it without you For you are one special angel friend. A friend that forever is true. I cannot offer you riches or any kind of fame But I can make one promise to you That you can have a piece of my heart. Just for doing the things that you do. You seem to bring out the best in me That I had hidden for many years, You always have a special way Of making me dry my tears. So I pledge my love to you my friend From now and forevermore, And I am longing someday to meet you On Heavens terrestrial shore ©Ann Hart September 7, 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail


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