The Barefoot Boy

At times I think I'd like to have the energy of a kid,
And then I remember, I once did!
My that seems like a long time ago!
I'm in my fifties now, you know!

Was that barefoot boy really me,
A flyin' high and runnin' free?
He loved to be barefoot,
And feel mud squish between his toes!
It was a special pleasure only a young child knows!

Some of his evenings were spent,
Catching lightning bugs in a jar!
Others were spent going to church in the family car!
He loved learning about the Bible by lantern light,
In an old store building each Sunday night!

"Andy over" back then was a favorite game,
He would play with his cousins when they came!
It was even fun for him to sneak,
And go swimming with his cousins in Johnson creek!

Happiness was always at its peak,
When he went to see his grandparents for a week!
To him Grandma Stitt was a real joy!
She sure knew how to treat the barefoot boy!
He loved school and "spelling bees!'
Girls back then were fun to tease!

He enjoyed the delightful taste,
Of the first snow cream,
And fresh fruit at Christmas was a young boy's dream!
The simple things in life he learned to enjoy!
Whatever happened to the barefoot boy?

Robert F. Dotson 1993
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author


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