I know you, my Lord, We met eons ago, When I was very young, And you then venerable and old. I met you, my Lord, Beside your eternal sea, In the majesty of your mountain, And in the shade of an oak tree, I've seen you, my Lord, In the innocent eyes of a child, In the magic of spring, In glorious autumn, And in winter, cleansing and wild. I've talked to you, my Lord; Mid the trials of every day; Times when my hear was aching, And you helped the pain go away. I've felt your love my Lord; Thru a loving family, And by delivering my soul, From a dark and troubled sea. I know your power, my Lord, Thru howling hurricane winds, Thru roaring, raging rivers, And where the quaking earth begins. When you open your book Almighty; Temper judgment to foolish mortals. That those who repent transgressions, May pass thru your heavenly portals. © Betty C. Daniels Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

   Ten Thousand Angels
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Arlene's Heavenly Christian Midis