Beautiful Autumn is finally here Scents of a fresh breeze told us it was near Oh but soon we shall see the leaves A golden hue of green and gold on the trees Saying goodbye to summer, some will find it sad Yet we know others will be delighted and glad As time flies we now know Fall will be on it's way With the fallen leaves for children to laugh and play Now we ponder what lies ahead but let us not be distressed For as surely now Winter we will be blessed Awesome "Wonders" about Winter we know Let us plant a Tiny Seed underneath the snow Ah, Heavenly Spring will soon be around the bend Always a wonderful new beginning it will send As we may freeze in the Winter's cold Remember Spring comes Alive so gentle yet bold Then we see something small and green Could it be the Rose in Spring? We planted deep beneath the snow A Miracle how God made it grow Recalling the story in the Bible we read Our Faith in God is the Promised seed Four seasons to us He will forever bring Their awesome beauty to make our hearts sing But for today let us enjoy the Autumn scenes While the other seasons remain in our dreams May God Bless You All This Autumn Day ©Fran G. September 22, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail Website


Count Your Blessings
Sequencer Unknown
Smick & Smodoo's World

Photo by Stock.Xchng