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As my children get older, I've begun to realize how after more than 20 years of mothering, it's hard to realize you aren't necessarily needed in that capacity anymore, at least not in the same way. So, it was funny what simple pleasure I got today when, completely accidentally, my daughter and I ended up on the same highway going to the same exit.

I was on my way home from pottery class and she was on her way back to the area after having been back at her apartment in Columbus. When she called to give an update on where she was, it just so happened that I was about to cross that section of the highway.

Because she wasn't going directly home, it put her on a stretch of the highway that she is not as familiar with. In fact, even though I don't usually go that way home, I had planned to go to the very same exit she was going to. I would turn right where she would go straight and loop around to get on the road going to the left.

I started driving just a little slower than usual and, sure enough, she was soon behind me. It felt like an honor to escort her the rest of the way. When we got to the exit, I rolled my window down and held my hand out in the sign language form for "I love you," so she would know this was where our paths diverged.

Got kind of choked up when I realized that was both literally and figuratively.

©Jennifer Deal McCoy January 10, 2018 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved

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Art © Susan BrabeauSapphire Designs 2018