Some of my favorite Christmas Memories I will always keep in my heart. When I was little along with all of my other siblings, ( all seven of us ). Money was scarce, so Mama and Daddy made our gifts. Daddy was a farmer and carpenter, so he made us toys out of wood. Mama made the girls the prettiest dresses with bows that tied around our waist. She made the boys cotton shirts too for school. The material came from feed sacks that they got when they bought feed for the chickens. Mama and Daddy also got flour in big cotton print sacks. So that material was laundered really nice and used for our clothes. Mama would starch them and iron them so nice and neat. Mama on the treadle sewing machine while we were all in school. Daddy in the barn making our toys while we were asleep. We didn't get fancy things, but we loved what we got.

They sure made seven little kids laugh and giggle come Christmas Day.

The days of Sunday School Christmas plays at church. I sure loved them and being in them. Watching my Daddy each year being Joseph and holding the real baby in his arms. That will always be in my heart.

The Christmas years that Mama and I would work all day at our Beauty Shops. Come home and head for downtown Fresno to shop until the stores closed. We could park our car on the street, carry all our packages to the car., Those were the days it was safe to do so. Now it is not safe to go out at night. How I wish we could have those good safe days back again.

Shopping and listening to the Christmas Music all over the town. No matter where you went, you could hear good Christmas Music. People saying Hi and Merry Christmas to those we didn't even know. And we never thought to not mention The Birth of Jesus. Everyone talked about Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. It was not the big gifts that we bought, but the fun of being out in town and the spirit of Christmas filled our hearts.

The Live Manger Scene outside in front of our church. Oh how cold it was, but we loved it so much. Hot Chocolate and goodies in the kitchen of our church. Cars driving by to see Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph , The Three Wiseman, the live Donkey and Sheep. We all loved those days, and I would love to see them again.

The Christmas Eve's that we sang all night at our Singing Conventions. Now those were the times I will always keep in my heart. How I miss those years and more all the time. Someday I will sing again in Heaven with all of our family and friends that have gone to be with Jesus for His Birthday, and spend eternity.

When we went to nursing homes and sang. Then the story of Jesus birth was shared to all patients. Some did not know why we came, but it made them smile. But many did know and were so happy that we thought of them too. The nurses and workers enjoyed those nights as well.

Christmas years that we all went to different elderly peoples homes and sang as we walked up to their door. It was so cold, and yet I miss those times so much. Most all of the folks would have cookies and hot chocolate for us when we finished singing. Then we would just walk down streets and sing. Most everyone came out on the porch, to listen or sing along with us. Then we would all wave and say, Merry Christmas. It has been many years since I have gone Christmas Caroling. In fact I don't see this anymore where I live.

This is just a few of my wonderful times I had at Christmas. I wish my children and grandchildren could experience the good times I had.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have Christmas like we did Long Ago? Just good safe fun and doing for others that are less fortunate than we are.

This is my prayer that we all find someone that has nothing, and give them a little something. Bake some cookies and give to an elderly person living alone. Maybe a toy for a child that does not have one.

But if we can't do that.. We can Give a Hug and a Smile, that will cost us nothing.

Yes I do believe in Santa Claus....
Love Carolyn

©Carolyn Nored Lequieu
Used With Permission
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