I was sitting alone on a plane, since Shawn, my hubby could not get us seats together. Unfortunately for me, I had the middle seat, which makes it very awkward at meal times.

On that flight, wonder of wonders, we had an Asian dish with chopsticks as our utensils.

Now I had been taught to use the chopsticks, but had very little practice with them. "Why not give them a try though!" was my thought.

Well for some strange reason, even getting them in the right position became a major hassle.Finally I figured I had the arrangement just right, although they felt as tightly positioned in my hands as I did in my seat!

I fought and fought with the food, trying, as I sat between two strangers to get that food to my mouth. At one point I felt the perspiration drip down over one eye. "Oh bother, why is this so hard!??" I thought to myself but was determined to continue!

I put down the chopsticks, glared at them for being so cantankerous, and then with great care worked them into the required situation. This meal seemed to be taking forever.

I didn't look up to see how the others were doing. Perhaps I should have at least glanced at them. My fingers were sore from being pinched by the chopsticks and I think there was as much food on my lap as found its way into my mouth.

It was only as I finished that a light bulb went off in my head. I set the chopsticks down, which were still attached together at one end. And I said, "Hey, wait a minute, aren't I supposed to break these apart to eat with them!" I blushed the color of my red sweater and could not look at the faces of my fellow passengers.

Likely I provided for them the entertainment of the trip.

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