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Don't you just love it when the Lord floods your mind with a wonderful memory from the past that you have not thought of in many, many years?

A few minutes ago, I went to vote in the Albany elections. As I touched the door to enter the building, I was reminded how excited I was to vote the very first time in my life. This was a special day to me because my daddy loved America so much and he passed that patriotism on to me.

It was in the 60's and we were living in Albany. My daddy made it a point to go with me my first time, and he was so proud to be taking me.

At first I was sad today, I only saw people my age and older, but then a young women came in with her young daughter.

I knew the America we hold dear isn't done yet. The change we all cry for is US! God Bless America......! Amen

Jan Hall Morgan ©May 22, 2014 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved by Author Mail

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