I remember the days of yore. We lived in the country on a farm, We had hogs, chickens and cows. We grew our own food, And gathered eggs from the chicken house, So we could eat breakfast, Momma would fry up some hog meat, To go with the eggs and make some buttermilk biscuits. With fresh butter and fresh cows milk to drink. Momma cooked on a wood stove. Back then we didn't have electricity, or gas. No running water. We had to carry water from the well, No inside rest room; we had to go out back to the outhouse. We had to heat water for our bath on a wood stove, And used a wash tub to take our bath in. The only heat we had was from a fireplace or wood heater. Our lights came from a coal oil lamp and fireplace. That's what we used to see how to do our school work with, Because we worked in the field until night. It was time to eat, do homework and bath, then, to bed. After we got home from school we would pick cotton, When we got 100 lb's. picked Daddy would let us quit, We picked like crazy until we got that 100 lb's. Then we could run and play while we gathered, The cows to the barn for milking. There are things that I like to remember, Like climbing the sapling and riding them to the ground. Pushing our bikes up the hill and riding, fast as we could down the hill. Just to get a thrill until we wrecked in the rocks and sand, Got all scratched up, which ended the thrill rides, And tore up the bikes too. Daddy would take us fishing when we didn't have work to do, He would take us down to the creek to fish, But we did more playing than fishing. Those were the good old days. Good old days my foot! This was the fun times of the days of old. Thank God I can still remember the old days! ©Judy Knight August 30, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail


Art by Claude Cardon, (1892-1915)

Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Sequenced by Bill Basham
Saturn Soft Midis