Is there something special you always wanted to do, or someplace faraway you'd like to go? Maybe go on a cruise, or panning for gold in California, or Alaska, or just get away for a few days. If so why haven't you? What are you waiting for? I know, you're saying we don't have time. We have to work. Maybe later. Please don't wait. Do it now. Here's my reason why I think you should enjoy your life today. A man's life is like a candle in the wind, its flame can go out at any moment, nothing is more certain than his death, and nothing is more uncertain than the hour of death.

I couldn't sleep last night, so I was lying in bed waiting for daylight, and I turned over, and put my arms around my wife Alena, that's when I got the biggest shock of my entire life, she wasn't breathing, her body was very cold, she had passed away sometime during the night. I was in total shock; I just lay there with my arms around her, knowing I would never be able to hold her again. I didn't want too let go of her, and I started thinking of all the things we always wanted to do, but we never took the time. Alena always talked about wanting to go to Hawaii. As I lay there, I thought about all the outfits she had bought, but she never wore, she said I'm saving these for a "Special Occasion" Maybe she meant for that trip she always dreamed of.

As I lay there gently running my hands through her hair, memories of all the times she wanted to go somewhere or do things, and I would find some reason to say no, we can't afford it, or maybe later. Well now it seems like later turned out to be too late. Just like when Jesus comes back, it will be too late for sinners to repent.

What was I going to do without my wife? We had been together since June 1957. I was devastated. She was my whole life. We had raised our kids. We're retired. Now those things we always wanted to do would mean nothing without her. My life would be empty.

As tears filled my eyes, I did the only thing I knew to do, I cried out to the Lord, I started praying out loud to God, I said why Lord? She wasn't very old, she wasn't sick; she was such a good person. I prayed almighty God please help me, have mercy on me; don't leave me here without my wife. Dear God you told us in the bible to pray, and have faith, and you would answer our prayers, well I'm praying, please God hear my prayer.

Suddenly at this very moment, Alena turned over, and spoke to me. I was in total shock! I said you're alive, you're ok, she said yes I'm ok, I'm a little tired, she said I feel like I've been drugged, but I think I'm alright. Now I'm really in shock! Did God answer my prayer? Could this have really happened? I have heard about things like this happening to other people, but I was always a little skeptical of stories like this, wondering if people telling stories like this were a little crazy. Now maybe people will say the same thing about me. So I wondered to myself if I should even tell anyone about what happened. But who can keep a story like this a secret? Not me. Anyway, why shouldn't we share our thoughts, problems, and dreams with our friends? Isn't that part of what life is all about?

One thing for sure this has changed our life's forever. Making me realize this could be the last day of my life. The last chance I'll ever have to make amends for my mistakes. The last chance to repent, and choose where I'll spend eternity;

Lately I have been thinking about what King Solomon said in the bible, in Ecclesiastes 3:13 that every man (and woman) should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his (or her) labor; it is the gift of God. I have been thinking about that night, and those words that Solomon said, and they've changed my life. I am sitting here in Tennessee on our deck writing about the events of that night, looking out over the Cherokee lake, and admiring the beautiful view God gave us, thinking of all the ways we are so blessed. Finely realizing how short life on earth really is, and the main purpose of this life, which is to prepare for the new life to come.

This past May my wife and I flew to Los Angeles, California to her sister's home, from there she flew on to Hawaii with her sister for ten days, fulfilling her life long dream, and I flew on to Sacramento to go gold panning and prospecting with my metal detector for eleven days, fulfilling a dream we both always had. I have thought so much about that night. I thank God I am a Christian, or else God would not have heard my prayers, John 9:31 now we know God heareth not sinners;

Was this just a vision, a dream, or a wake up call from God? Did it really happen, like I said? You know life can pass you by while you're working day, and night trying to save money for a rainy day, which may never come. How much money is enough too save before we start to enjoy the fruits of our labor? I thank God for giving us a second chance to fulfill our dreams. What gives me the right to deny Alena her wishes, and desires in this life? Lately we're more in touch with each other, and our needs and desires.

The events of that night have given Alena and me another chance to look back at our past, and see where we have been denying ourselves the pleasures of everyday life these last few years, now we have another chance to change our life, to do those things that we denied ourselves of in the past. Now we're living our lives one day at a time, we try to make every day a "Special Occasion" as it truly is a gift from God. Since that event, at least one day a week we have "Special Occasion day" we go somewhere, and do things we want, and like to do, just like we did when we first got married.

So what about you, will you live your dream, go somewhere you want to go, be all you can be? Remember you only have one life, one chance to fulfill your dream. Why not start enjoying your lives today, don't wait for a wake up call in your life; don't wait till it's too late, some day you're going to look back on your life, don't let it be a time of regrets. Enjoy the time you have left in this short life here on earth.

Remember this, God wants us to be happy, anyone can make a living in this world if they try, however very few people will go on, and make a life. If you're still asking yourself why not me, then you still have time to change your future. Maybe you started out in the wrong direction, but it's not too late for change. If the job you have does not allow these changes, then change jobs. Life is so short don't waste another day. Count your blessings, and thank God for answering your prayers. Let my experience be your wake up call in life.

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