"Someone like you" is really hard to find, almost impossible today, so young, and innocent with a lot of common sense. I'm glad I found my soul mate on the first try. I had many chances to marry second best, I'm glad I waited for you. A lot of good men have spent their whole life looking for someone like you. Most gave up, and settled for second best.

It was always my dream to find the perfect girl; I believe I did. I must admit I wasn't sure what the perfect girl would be like, but I did find her, and I've never been sorry. I just knew you were out there somewhere, and I had to try and find you. Call it fate, or good fortune, but that June the 17th 1957 was my lucky day, there you were as pretty as I had always dreamed you were going to be. As I look back now I think I knew when I first saw you, that you were the one, you were the one I had been dreaming of. The perfect girl, young, innocent, trusting, adventurous, yet a little wild like me, I really liked that about you.

Why did I stop to offer you a ride that day? Was God guiding us? I will always believe a higher power was bringing us together for a future purpose or reason. Have you ever thought about that, and wondered why things worked out like they did? I have many times. Sometimes I ask myself why you married a person you knew so little about. Now when I look at you I can still see that beautiful girl so many years ago, I also see the woman that I would marry all over again. I can still see the young at heart girl too, a little bit wild, ready to have fun, with a spirit of adventure, but cautious. I have great respect for you, and your decisions, your wisdom, and your common sense.

Marrying you is the best thing I ever did; thank you for saying yes. I know in my heart I don't deserve someone like you. Neither do I deserve God's mercy and grace, but I'm thankful for it, and you. Just keep on being who you are, I wouldn't change a thing; I thank God almost every day that you said yes fifty years ago. Some days I forget to thank God, but he knows I meant to. Now fifty years later I'm still trying to figure it all out. I know what I saw in you, but what did you see in me? I'd really like to know. Looking back, would you do it again? I would.

Don't give up on me now; I need you, and you already have me trained. These words come from my heart. How did I ever get so lucky to find "Someone like you?" Next to God, You are, and you will always be, the most important part of all my hopes, dreams, memories, and thoughts.

Have a happy fiftieth Anniversary my love...
September 3rd 1957------- September 3rd 2007
I will always love you

©James Sanders
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author