This is something that I would love to be able to do. To be able to live the slower simple ways of life. Farm living was the best years of my life. A lot of people would not want to live slow, but oh how, I would love to do that. Times when I began watching things change so fast. Well this was when my parents were really getting old, Oh! you know like in their early forty's. :-) I wish I was in my forty's and know what I know now. Oh! sure I never even thought about getting that old. Well guess what I did get to that age, and past right through my forties. :-) But getting back to the simple and slower living, that would really be good I think.

What happened to the days when time was spent together? I know in my family, we didn't have a lot of fancy things. God says He will supply us with our needs. But he doesn't say He will give us all that we "want". What happened to the days when the kids would go outside in the yard and play games, like kick ball or marbles, or hide and seek? The older ones would sit on the front porch in a swing and talk or visit as they called it. If I had my radio, a swing on the front porch, and some lemonade, what more could I ask for? I really love the small county state fairs. Not like we have here in my home town. At least 100,000 people go each day and night.

Just take a look at the picture on the background. Now just look at that sweet loving couple. Quilts hanging over the line and rocking chairs on the porch. Where I live we can't even have a clothes line. The couple in the picture going for an evening stroll after supper. And I think they had to have been just as tired as we are today. But they still did things together. Today we are all tired, and going in different places. I am including myself as with all the things that I think I need to do. I just wish we could all slow down some and enjoy life more. Farm living is still the good life for me. -:)

I think a lot about how things have changed so much. And how nothing is the same anymore. And I am not talking about all the way back in the 1930's. I am talking about the 50's and 60's when I was in my younger years. The good safe days when we could run out and play outside our yard. When we went on a date it was safe too. At least I think it was. When I was a teenager, the girls babysat, and the boys did yard work or paper routes. Teenage boys and girls would raked leaves for a neighbor or someone else. We made good money, about a dollar or so. :-) But at least we worked and enjoyed what we made. But with each day that goes by, I can see something that has made a big change in our lives from what it use to be. Even driving down the street, nobody has a minute to spare.

I would love to get back to slowing down some. Maybe as I get older this is a normal feeling. And I do know that modern times have made a lot of changes in our family time. I talk to my daughter Heather almost everyday. Heather will be 30 years old in Sept . And our son Scotty will be 38 years old in Aug. I tell them to enjoy life in a good way as much as you can. Before you know it, you will be hanging on to those years before you turn 64 years old. And then you will be saying where have all the years gone...

I go by my parents' home and the nice clean neighborhood is not there. It is all gone and all of the friends too I go by the country church that I grew up, a big car sales is there now I go downtown by the hospital and it looks like you're at Disneyland. If only we could see, when we are young, and try to enjoy life more. Give our time to family as you can't get back yesterday. Give some time to a lonely shut-in, they will love you for it. But most of all give your time to our Lord. He is the most important person that you will ever know. He will love you more than anyone ever could.

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