My Mother was very talented and had taught music and played for churches all her life before she became disabled. She loved life and enjoyed it, despite the many things she had to go through. My mother wrote a song called From the Palm of His Hand To The Promise Land a few weeks before she passed away. This is the events leading to her song and in her memory.

Mother had suffered from cancer several years before she became disabled with a serious bone disease. The results of radiation treatments among other factors, contributed to the bones in her back breaking as well as her hip. As her condition became worse, she was given a prophesy or word from a visiting minister which she did not fully understand at the time. She was told that when she became unable to walk, God would "carry her" and she would go forth in his strength as well. For about five more years God helped her walk, even though it was very painful for her.

She gradually became unable to get around and went into a Nursing Home for assistance with her daily living. One of the saddest parts of being there was the fact she could no longer go out and purchase small gifts for her family on Christmas, Birthdays, or other occasions. Her once active life of visiting with friends, playing piano, and being with others seemed to cease.

My birthday was nearing and she was sad because she could not get me a present as she usually did, and each day she would mention this to us. She would tell of her childhood memories and other events in her life as she grew older. One day before my Birthday, I told my Mom the best gift she could ever give me would be to write down the stories of all these memories and put them together for me as a Book of Love. This idea made her so very happy and she started planning what she would put in it. She had always loved to draw and make Christian crafts for the little ones in her Sunday School Class; and decorated the store windows with the Christ Child at Christmas time when she was able to work.

My friend, Phyllis, went out the next day and bought her drawing tablets and writing paper and I brought her folders and pens to use in her new project. She began to work night and day on the many stories and memories she wanted to put in her Book for my 47th Birthday. While writing her book, she begin to get the words for a song, called "From the Palm of His Hand To The Promised Land" as she would pray and God would give them to her. She wrote these down and called Richard, her dear friend. He sat down with his guitar beside her hospital bed and set her song to music, adding words here and there. Together they completed the song. Her work was finished.

My cousin, Judy and friends, Phyllis & Brenda, would come also and cheer her up, and together we would try to help her make the best of her situation.

When the day of my Birthday came, she presented me with her finished book. It was tied with a used ribbon from a gift someone had given her, and she smiled when she handed it to me with a Happy Birthday wish. No one could have ever given me a better present, one that would last a lifetime. Memories and poems filled the pages, along with drawings of her childhood home. She had written of "A Home For the Homeless," where she was adopted at six weeks of age when her mother passed away.

One windy March day, I went in for my daily visit and found her lying quietly and in pain. We had the nurses call for the Doctor and she was transferred to the hospital. Later, we found out she had suffered a heart attack and as a result had congestive heart failure and kidney failure.

Once again, my mom called for her friend Richard, and asked him if he would sing the song written. . Then she asked him if he would sing it at her funeral. Of course he said yes. Several days later, early on a Sunday morning, mother went home to be with the Lord. Just like God had said, He carried her;"from the palm of His hand over to the promised land;" just like He had promised, "as on the wings of an eagle".

In Memory of Mother © Jo Ann Kelly Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail From the palm of His hand, to the Promised Land, My reservation is already made, I'm packed up and ready waiting for Him to come, My ticket has already been paid. Now I'll soar away, on that grand and glorious day, When the call comes from the sky, From the palm of His hand, over to the Promised Land I'll be bidding this ole world goodbye. (Chorus) If I walk through the valley, Jesus will help carry my load, He'll give me peace in the valley, as I travel this rough and rocky road, Well I'm right beside you, to comfort and guide you, said the one with the nail scarred hands, So I'll not be discouraged, for surely He leads me, From here to that promised land. In the palm of His hand, I can safely stand, Until the day that He calls me home, Though the billows may rage and the storm clouds rise, I'm safe in Him and Him alone Like an eagle in the wind, soaring in the sky, I'll rise above these troubles below, For His love will guide he will love and provide, As onward toward Heaven I go. (Repeat Chorus) © 1992 R. Rice 1921-1992 R. Holt Used With Permission All Rights Reserved