Mud Season bar

Between winter and spring there is a fifth season-mud season, a time when you take two steps out the door and you're walking in your socks: you have to carry the little kids or they get stuck in the suction and fall face first into the mud.

There was a lady who lived next to the bank who claimed she utilized mud season to enable her to decide where she needed diverting ditches, says she's working with nature; more like massaging the mud.

A man in our village became so depressed during mud season that he searched for means of keeping busy: so he painted his house--bright pink--never, ever make major decisions during mud season.

Most old houses have mud rooms, or back porches. You can tell who is- or is not at home by the boots a/o slippers adorning our back porch/mudroom. Of course we store potatoes, apples, squash and onions--and a lot of canning equipment on our porch/mudroom, so that when we need to get to the basement-we have to move a lot of stuff, in order to open the door.

Apparently the contractors building new homes have learned the virtues of the Mud Room; ergo they are adding mudrooms to the new homes, with beautiful fieldstone floors, built in pine cabinets, benches and even mildew resistant closets for wet rain coats,/snow laden parkas, etc. Considering the beauty and expense of these modern day mudrooms----bet you a mint they NEVER see muddy boots, raincoats, parkas or even a drippy nose.

In memoriam to the flood of '93.

©Betty C. Daniels
April 5, 1994
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author