This is about me when I was fifteen years old. I had been on the road traveling and singing with our Trio and Quartet for over two years. I was very close to God and was also with a great group of good Christian young people, at the church that I was attending. We had Teen Time ever Tuesday Night. We had a lot fun, activities, food, and a lot of Bible Study. Not realizing then, how much those days would mean to me later in my life. And maybe I wish that I could go back, and do some of them all over again. I guess this may be another part of a getting older. I began to feel something really tugging at my heart and it became very strong and very hard for me to deal with. Times goes by so fast that it seems like only yesterday. Our Church was very involved with the Mission Fields. I will never forget when I knew, God had called me to be a Missionary.

But this was in the very busy times of our singing, and that was where my heart was too. I was a very torn and somewhat still a shy young girl. I just never talked to my Parents or my Pastor or anyone about it. Back in the fifty's the churches were small and the money was tight. I knew nothing about getting supported by any one in our church. I was never the kind of person to go out on my own. And I know God knew that before I did. And I knew that my parents did not have the money for me to go. So I stayed home and did my singing with my family and friends. But I never did get that tugging to ever leave my heart. It was not until I was in my late thirty's, that I told my parents about my calling to go to the Mission Fields. I loved my singing years so much that I am so thankful that I had that. or I may not have done as well as I have.

But each time that we had the different Missionary Service at church, I really didn't like to even attend church services at all. When you have a deep tugging inside of your heart for God's work, and you do not heed to the calling, I truly believe you just don't get over it. I tried to forget it but I never did get that tug to leave my heart. When I did tell my Parents they both told me that they wished that, I had of came and talked to them about the calling. If they had only known they would have, somehow got the money I would need to go. It is not easy to go and work in the countries where you have to go. I have read many books on the ones that go and it is hard. But still when God calls you to do his work for Him, I know how much you hurt inside when you think you can't do it.

But I have a lot to be thankful for too because God is so good. He knew my heart and how I really felt inside. I know now that God has given me another chance, at doing what I love and what I can do for Him. And that is having this website, talking about Jesus on my site. With all of my love for singing and for Southern Gospel Music. God has been so good to me, by sending many people to my site. I am just one person that wants to do what I can, to let others know how great it is to be a Christian. It is not all easy everyday, but thinking about Heaven, it is worth every minute of hard work. I have met many nice people from my site. and I wouldn't change that for anything. I receive many wonderful letters from so many, nice people all over the world. So to me, I am getting another chance, as I have now made some good friends in many countries. So I got to have many years of my True Love, and that is traveling and singing. And to prove that God is never finished with us, I am now getting to tell others about Jesus through my site. I take no credit for my site. It all belongs to God. Sometimes it is still a Mystery why I am on the internet doing this site. But to God, He had this planned back when I was fifteen. No....Before that.

Thank You Lord For Giving Me This Chance To Share With So Many

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