I remember the time some of us boys had found an old rusty knife and talked our cousin, Jerry Rice, into letting us put a board under Jerry's shirt and sticking the knife in the board through his shirt. The blade was broke off the knife all but about an inch. Jerry went up to Aunt Sadie's door and knocked, when Sadie opened the door, Jerry fell through the door into the floor. I understand Sadie screamed very loud. (We didn't know for sure because we ran when Jerry knocked on the door.) When Sadie found out that Jerry hadn't been stabbed, she made Jerry wish he had been.

Then there was the time Jerry and I had been hired to get some sand for someone. We didn't have a wheel barrow so Jerry came up with the idea to tie the bottoms of his bibbed overalls and put the sand down in the legs. The idea was that Jerry would walk to the location the sand was to be delivered and we would untie the legs and let the sand fall out. It didn't work. The sand made the legs fall over the strings and we couldn't get them loose.

Jerry couldn't walk and he couldn't bend his legs to sit down. We had to push him over like a tree and get the strings off the legs and get the sand out. We never delivered the sand.

William McCoy©
April 06, 2000
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