The emphasis on youth is almost overwhelming.

And advertisements CONSTANTLY tell us we must be between young and pretty. if we are not there,, where are we? Then what?

As a grandmother I found a moment to say something about this obsession of our culture.

The difference between productivity and inactivity, is the productive people are younger in spirit and happier!

Mirrors may tell you what other people see initially but not what they shall see eventually, as they get to know you. (So stop relying too much on a mirror.)

Never allow a mirror to dictate your age to you. If a mirror says you are old, don't argue just turn your back on it.

UNLESS OF COURSE you have recognized the wonderful freedom and wisdom which comes with old. THEN CELEBRATE!!!

Don't waste your time arguing especially with static negative thinkers.

Youth will last as long as you live it and believe it. There are many kinds of young and even as we age if we are active and productive and giving we seem to remain young at heart, and very comfortable with who we are!.

Finally we have the best of it all. We are young at heart and we have experience and wisdom.

We remain young inside of ourselves because we believe in ourselves and strive for dreams and goals, We remain young within our own minds because we continue to laugh, AND because we continue to give of ourselves to others and because we do not forget how to have fun.

Just a note* When you go to the GROCERY OR laundromat and come home only to realize you never got around to combing your hair that morning, you are probably past the stage where you care too much what other people think!!

Have a good day and take care of yourself.

©Ellie Braun-Haley
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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