Hi God, this is Cali again. I told you I would be back. But who knows when? Seems I need you counsel once more. It managed to help before. Sorry but fear comes too quickly. If not resolved will make me sickly. Today my deepest concern is for my children. And of course also for my grandchildren. Life seems so much harder now. For society has changed and does not allow the openness of yesterday when we were young, And freedom bells were rung. Divorce has reared it ugly head all to often. Jobs are lost and the result will never soften. Homes are repossessed, by the slew. And not enough people really trust in you. I am also afraid because of the 5 FU. Chemotherapy drug one to name a few. Well since I have let you know. I sure feel better somehow. Love, Cali ©Carol G. (Cali) Oliver December 23, 2007 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail







Jesus, Be Magnified In Me
Hamblen & Hamblen Music

The tube that represents Jesus is from My Misted World.
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