Art © Danny Hahlbohm Dear Lord, Please hear my plea. When you called, I recognized that sound. I have experienced that same fear profound. I can only tell you to trust that this too shall pass. My prayer is you will be free from cancer al last. Give this feeling of fear to our Dear Lord. You'll find your faith in Him will be restored. And you will find that no matter what appears. His gentle touch will wipe away your tears. He has given the physician the gift of healing. And we pray for a solution that is appealing. I will light a candle for a positive conclusion. That will result in an adequate resolution. I will close with this prayer. Dear Lord, You helped me when I was in desperate straits. Please lay your hands on my dear friend who awaits, Your total healing and compassionate love. While you give the devil's handiwork a shove. ©Carol G Oliver July 28, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail share

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