The winter chill has relinquished the hold on the world, But every now and then the stubborn wind begins to swirl. The bright Sun bathes the land in a blanket so warm, As if, it is forbidding the hint of a storm. The seasons come and the seasons go. Each one entering with a beautiful glow. Giving way to the one to follow. So unwilling to surrender The world's magnificent splendor. This is what you fashioned for us all. Life has seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall, It will not be long before I see your face. And welcome your warm embrace. Until I hear your distant call to come home To reside with you in the celestial dome. I will face each and every season. With total grace for one reason To abandon my life to you my Lord For it is you I truly adore. ©Carol G (Cali) Oliver January 9, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail