We often wonder why life seems to throw us a curve. We ask you Oh God to give us what we deserve. We wish to understand Your answers to our prayer. No matter what happens we know You are aware. Of our situation and what we truly need. Your decision will always help us to succeed, But first we must trust in You. So whatever You send us, we can see it through. Untimely and unexpected happenings beyond our control Send shivers that wrack our soul. Worrisome things like poor health, lack of money, lost work. Sends us into a tizzy and we nearly go berserk. Reality has a way of getting your attention. With the markets going crazy, finances are beyond our comprehension. But the loss of loved ones and friends put us to the test. Perhaps that is when we ask, "Why?" like all the rest. Even minor things like a computer with a mind of its own. We must learn patience while waiting for the tech on the phone. That's always a good time for dedicated prayer, To avoid the pitfalls of total despair. It is then I hear the familiar rustling sound of Your voice. I am not alone, and must rejoice. My Dear Lord you are there to keep your promise. Please help me not to be a doubting Thomas. This life You gave to me is beautiful For all the love so plentiful, I am grateful. Never let us forget the graces You have bestowed. That from Your loving heart they have flowed. ©Carol G. (Cali) Oliver April 27, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail



Closer To You, Lord
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