I felt your presence in the humid air. I couldn't help but notice you were there. And then I heard the rumbling far away. I knew we were in for a storm today. I saw the sky on fire with lightening As usual, I found this a bit frightening. Especially when the torrent of rain fell and the thunder began to swell. I bent my head in prayer. To let you know how much I care. The gloomy day transformed into night. Despite the howling wind I knew it would be alright. Soon the storm passed. The world became quiet at last. Off in the distance I heard the sound. Of screeching sirens all around. However when morning came I found my world to be the same. I embrace you my Dear Lord. My faith in you is continually restored. ©Carol G (Cali) Oliver February 29, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

How Great Thou Art
Sequencer Unknown To Me

Photograph ©Until Then Graphics