Lord when I come to sit with you,
It is not due to a sense of obligation

Instead, it is to give something back to you.
My undying love and adoration.

So many times I ask about this cancer. 
Somehow you always provide an answer.

It is true you make me work for it
At first, I don't always understand, I admit.

This time I am here just to pay homage to you
Seems I always feel so much better too.

Your Holy presence fills my life 
to help me battle adversity and strife.

Dear Jesus, please walk with me where e'er I go 
For without you, my faith cannot grow. 

I am yours to command 
To sing your praises throughout the land.

©Carol G (Cali) Oliver
January 31, 2008
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author



The song "Hope" was written and performed
by Margi Harrell

Shooting Stars Script
Courtesy of Kurt's DHTML