Please watch over my very distraught niece. Somehow allow her to be able to find inner peace, Her letter to me was filled with sadness and pain. She fully realizes her Father is gone never to be seen again . A lifetime of trying to build a relationship with Him. Now can never happen and seems futile and so very grim. For she now sees herself as an orphan. Her parents are gone and she feels forsaken. Help her to know you are there and have provided a place. Where her parents may finally know complete grace. The day will come when she will meet them again. They will be reunited in peace and love then. The strain and stress of this life will be gone. Look forward to a glorious and heavenly dawn. "Take care my darling child for your loved ones here Need you for the coming years" Rest assured your Daddy was not alone. For in Jesus' arm He was carried home. ©Carol G.(Cali) Oliver April 6, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

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