Dear Lord,

I come to you again and thank you for all you have done for me,
But in all honesty I must admit I am as apprehensive as can be.
It seems each time I get a reprieve and catch my breath
Something comes along and scares me to death.

I have lost so many a dear and wonderful friend.
It causes me to wonder where will it all end?
I tried to locate my relatives on my mother's side
It is then I realized just how long it was since I tried.

I could only reach one niece, I felt like an orphan,
Please let me know this was not the plan.
As I face this upcoming operation
I know I much overcome this hesitation.

Again I place myself in your loving hands, 
You must know by now where I stand.
Hopefully I can allay these nagging fears,
I pray this from my lips to your ears.

Goodnight for tonight 
Love your humble servant, 

©Carol G. Oliver
July 2009
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author


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