He stands out all alone waving slowly as the cars go by. The slow deliberate wave is for hello and good-bye. He wears his caution jacket with great pride. And helps the children walk with a steady stride. That crossing guard has always been there, Danger comes in all forms and he is fully aware. Over the years he has aged with uncommon grace. He seems so happy: this street corner is his place. The children adore him and care not that he is withered and old He is their sentry that is there --warm or cold. Few people know that this gracious old man lives in a shack. Miles away by a lonely old railroad track. In a desolate part of the city where all the poor folks are. He drives cross town in his rickety old car. Whenever we pass and I see him there I thank God and say a quiet prayer ©Carol G. (Cali) Oliver June 20, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail Kids Spirit
©Original by Jalal Ali