Long ago I learned a secret to peace and grace When I was given a rosary with a found embrace. I love the rosary beads that bring me great solace Whether it be in a church or some other holy place. icon2 As I caress each and every one my soul is blessed, Each decade is said with a barely audible request. I recite the familiar phrases that form a prayer I am not alone for my Lord is here. icon2 I am saddened when I see those who do not know, The power of God's love and its radiant glow. It makes no difference which church we attend. For we are Christians, be it family or friend icon2 The basis of our faith is all the same We are only different by our name, As long as we follow our dear Lord's word. Old and New Testaments are preferred icon2 The gospels are a magical compass to a good life Adhering to them assures us a glorious afterlife True, I do believe in the Lord's magic For to not know Him, is truly tragic. icon2 I know someday my time will come, I will gladly consent For the presence of my Lord is Heaven sent The name Catholic means universal After all I have spent all these years in rehearsal icon2 ©Carol (Cali) G. Oliver Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail icon2 His Word is so powerful, it has been described as being a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.... ~ Psalms 119:105 Click here to send this site to a friend!



Jesus, Be Magnified In Me
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